Research Options Available

Where indemnity insurance needs to be obtained we offer advice on what research is required and if preferred we will liase with the insurance company direct and obtain quotations for appropriate levels of cover on your behalf.

Opposite you will find brief descriptions of the research options we offer. If you require any further details or wish to discuss any of the options further please contact us, we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Hourly Rate

By using this method you stay in control of the case. We provide 6 weekly updates on work progress including (on larger trees) an easy to read printout of the tree.

Expenditure on disbursements and time utilised is also included in each report.

At very reasonable charges we can trace beneficiaries effectively, and if preferred, you can instruct us to work within a set budget, which we will never exceed without prior instruction from our client.

No Trace No Fee

Probably the most commonly used options where little information is known about the deceased and heirs need to be traced. Research on a No Trace No Fee basis is undertaken at our own risk.

Although not suitable in every case this option has proved the most popular choice with our clients as they can, where necessary, instruct us before/without having an administrator in place.

By using this method no direct cost is charged to the estate. Instead any beneficiaries traced are signed to a percentage fee (between 10 and 20% depending on commonness of surname, amount of work carried out and lastly estate size) of their inheritance. Upon completion 2% of our fee is donated to a charity of the beneficiaries choice, enabling more people to benefit.