No Win, No Fee

This methord is popular where little or no information is known about the family of the deceased or where our clients are not in a position to commit estates monies, for example if they do not, as yet, have an administrator from whom to take instruction.

All work is carried out entirely at our risk

By using this method, no direct cost is charged to the estate. Instead any beneficiaries traced are signed to a percentage fee (between 10 and 20% depending on the amount of work carried out) of their inheritance. Upon completion, 2% of our fee is donated to a charity of the beneficiaries choice, enabling more people to benefit.

Hourly Rate

This method allows the client to stay in control of the cases progress and expenditure. We provide progress reports every six weeks, detailing findings to date, hours utilised and disbursements. On larger cases we also provide a copy of the family tree.

Price List

Locate new address
(per address, per year searched)
Electoral roll search 1981 - Date
(per address)
Insolvency Search
Probate(5 year search)
Includes copy of grant of Administration/will if found;
£5 refund where no entry is found
Certificate Ordering
Exact date of Birth/Marriage/Death known
Divorce Search